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Entrepreneurs are working hard and deserving to achieve grow REVENUE and high PROFIT. I'll help to shift from Un-organised To Organised Business in 90 Days, So You Can Focus on Business GROWTH Not on Business Operation. 

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Transport Business Problems

Here are a few of the most popular problems:

Not Utilising Business Potential

Today transport business growth is massive but majority of transporters are Not utilising their business potential to increase their ROI, profit etc.

Employees Handling Technique

Business growth directly depends on employees selection & performance. This is foundation of any small or big Co. Big gap in transport industry today

Self & No Marketing 

This is one of the missing factor and not focusing on right marketing method. Doing anything is not marketing and will not give you a result.

Sales on Owner's Name

Co. runs on owner's name and relation, not on brand name and reputation. No proper Sales system to track and convert leads. 

No Customer Support

Customer support is a back bone of any of the organisation and this is not a costly affair. But still this is missing and top management are bottleneck.

No Cost Management

No clarity on every penny expenses of their co. No budgeting and costing evaluation mechanism. Never come to to know the actual costing vs excess costing.

Poor Inventory Management

Inventory or stock management is not organised to get a maximum benefit and end of the day landing up with expenses.

Client's Expectation

Working for clients if they asked for any certifications, documentations etc. Not building their business so no fear for loosing any contracts from any clients.

Improper Taxation Record

Biggest problem for simple compliances. Due to unorganised and process lagging, tax consultants are also taking grant and not delivering value to the transport co.

No Clarity on Legal Requirement

Business must comply all legal parameters but again grey area in legal part. Not supported by right CS and legal professionals.

Lacks in Statutory Compliances 

PF, ESIC, TDS, PT, etc. are always a big headache for a Co. if not being filled on time and managed properly. Always working with half knowledge and end moment 

Busy Business Owners

Transport business owners or top 2-3 people are the most busiest person in the Co. They are fire fighter of any problems. Deserving more quality life but it's not.

No Evaluation System

Proper monitoring, check and rectification process is missing and just doing day to day activities without evaluating what best work for their business. No in depth analysis of any segment.

Missing Automation Factor

We're in Industrial Revolution 4 i.e. Digital, automation and today majority of transporters are using a outdated system which will not work at all.

Struggling in Middle Age Business

Middle age business is just going on below average growth not on standard growth. 

Coaching & Handholding For Transport Business GROWTH

Empower Your Brain & Business For Rapid Growth

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    HRMS Setup

  • Learn HRMS & Employee Management

  • Learn How To Utilise Resources

  • Productivity & Continuous Improvement

  • Complete HRMS Documentation


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    Branding Setup

  • Learn Brand Building 

  • Learn Branding Power

  • Certification Importance

  • Complete Brand Documents


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Prashant Marketing

    Marketing Setup

  • Learn Marketing Strategy

  • Learn Marketing Budgeting

  • Direct & Indirect Marketing

  • Complete Marketing Documentation


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    Sales Setup

  • Learn Sales Strategy

  • Learn Negotiation Skill

  • Lead Generation Sales Automation

  • Complete Sales Documentation


Rs. 49,999 + GST

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    Accounts + Tax+ Legal Setup

  • Learn Mandate Accounting System

  • Right Check on GST, TDS, PF, ESIC, PT

  • Right Check on GST, TDS, PF, ESIC, PT

  • Complete Tax & Legal Documentation


Rs. 49,999 + GST

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    Finance Management

  • Learn Sales Techniques

  • Learn Negotiation Skill

  • Lead Generation & Sales Automation

  • Complete Sales Documentation


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  • Transport Business Mastery

    Right Principle + Process + Payment For Powerful in the Market

      This will help you with

    • Learn Transport Business Management System

    • Learn Entrepreneur Mindset & Result

    • Branding, HR, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Compliances, Legal, Automation Customer Support etc.

    • Community Support + Add-on Support For Unicorn Journey

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